D11 BBQ Steamboat

Long time no eat BBQ Steamboat . So at Friday i find my friend go to D11 BBQ Steamboat.
I find Terence@fruity life come to fetch me, also got call Joseph@Uncle lim went to eat .
We go at 7PM , but at there i see many table is booking by customer already.
So we find the boss give out two table ,because we got 11 people here.
Because it more the 7 people ,one people only pay RM 17.
Is not that is pay RM 18 with one people.
And the Children is RM 5.
All the Drink here is RM 2 , just only got Tin drink.
After that we start go to take food .
Here a lot of choose like Beef, Lamp,Chicken,Frozen food , Vegetable and more that more .
very good here and very enjoy .

Location : 57, Lot 230, Ground Floor,
Jalan Ban Hock,
93100 Kuching.
Tel: 014-6846386         
Business Hour: 5:30PM to 12AM

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